Welcome to the home of Cape Elizabeth Community Services – your place for everything recreational, educational, and cultural in the town of Cape Elizabeth. Here you will find all of the information you will need regarding our programs, as well as any changes or cancellations that might come up. You will even be able to conveniently sign up for many of the programs online. If you are still unable to find what you are looking for, just give us a shout – we’d love to help!

Our mission at Cape Elizabeth Community Services is to provide versatile community programs offering educational, cultural, recreational, and social enrichment opportunities to a wide segment citizenry. Our commitment to lifelong learning creates a flexible and comprehensive delivery of services that meets the changing needs and interests of the community. We are committed to enhancing and improving the quality of life for the residents of Cape Elizabeth.


Online Registration Opening Sunday

We miss seeing you at the Community Center! While working remotely, we are readying Activenet for you all to begin registering for our youth, adult and senior programs including Summer Rec Camp.
Registration opens at 8:00 pm on Sunday, March 29th. Before then, please take the time to log into your account and be sure your log in credentials are correct and working. If not, please do not create a new account, shoot us an email at jane.anderson@capeelizabeth.org instead and we will resolve it on our side. All programs will require a credit card for payment, however the payment will not be charged until May 1st for all spring programs, in the event this quarantine continues. Please choose Payment plan on the check out page.
Summer camp and all specialty camps will have first payment due on June 17th. Please choose Payment plan on the check out page.
Hopefully, the quarantine will be over and we will resume working at which time we will be able to take registrations in person and over the phone.
Thank you for your patience and understanding as we all adjust to these unprecedented circumstances.
Be Well,
Your friends at Community Services



Schools to close, related town services will also close until April 1

The Cape Elizabeth School Department on March 14, 2020 announced that school will be closed for the next two weeks in efforts to prevent spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. [download announcement]. Near the end of week two the situation will be reassessed and further decisions will be made.

Consequently town services including the Thomas Memorial Library, Community Services, Cape Care and After Care, Richards Pool and Fitness Center will all close effective immediately through April 1.

“This means all programs, Cape Care, After Care and library hours,” said Town Manager Matthew Sturgis. The Richards Pool, as part of the school campus and Community Services, will also be closed until April 1.

Here is a list of closures effective immediately (March 14, 2020) through April 1:

  • Cape Elizabeth Schools
  • All Community Services programming
  • Cape Care
  • After Care
  • Richards Pool
  • Fitness Center
  • Thomas Memorial Library hours
  • All Thomas Memorial Library programming
  • Meetings of the Recycling Committee, School Building Committee, Planning Board, Fort Williams Park Committee, Energy Committee, Thomas Memorial Library Committee and Board of Zoning Appeals – Suspended until April 13

Cancellation Update

Good afternoon,
As you are all aware the spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has reached Maine. Steps
are being taken by all levels of government to help contain the spread. At this time Cape Elizabeth
Community Services is planning to adjust programs and activities to minimize the spread and operate
only services deemed essential. As of Monday, March 16 th all adult programming will be suspended until
April 1 st at which time we will reassess the situation. The Fitness Center will be closed as of Friday,
March 13 th at 7:00 pm until April 1 st . Our preschool, youth and pool programs will continue until further
notice, however these programs will mirror actions taken at the school level regarding operation,
meaning if the schools close, so shall these operations. All non-essential meetings will be cancelled until
further notice. These actions are being taken in an abundance of caution to help prevent the further
spread of the virus. We are all obligated to play a part and our concerns are to minimize the spread of
COVID-19. If you have any questions, please contact us via email or phone and we will be happy to
answer your questions. We will continually update our website with any relevant information.

Thank you,



Lap Swim                                                7:00 – 8:00am

( 6 lanes )

Lap Swim                                               8:00 – 9:00am

( 2 lanes )

Water Works                                        8:00 – 9:00am

( 4 lanes )

Senior Swim                                         9:00 – 10:00am

( 6 lanes )

Lap Swim                                             10:00am – 2:30pm

Open Swim                                           10:00am – 12:00pm

3:30pm – 4:30pm

( 3 lanes )

Cape High                                               2:30pm – 3:30pm

( 3 lanes )

Lap Swim                                              2:30pm – 7:00pm

( 3 lanes 2:30-4:30pm )